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Why You Should Trade in Your Existing Vehicle

Lee Partyka Mazda will offer a great value for your trade-in vehicle. A lot of times it makes sense both monetarily and in terms of time efficiency to trade in your vehicle when you’re looking to buy a new one. Here are some reasons we hope you’ll consider trading in your existing vehicle with Lee Partyka Mazda.

Value Your Trade

Selling Privately Takes Time

As we mentioned above, trading in your vehicle is often the best option when it comes to time. If you don’t already have someone interested in buying your existing vehicle, you’ll have to post it on various websites, correspond with potential buyers, and trust them to take your vehicle out for a test drive. This can get very complicated very quickly.

You Might Still Owe Money

Owing money on your existing vehicle when you want a new one is common. If you choose to sell the car yourself, you’ll need to work with the bank to determine your payoff amount and other financial and legal considerations. When you trade in your car with Lee Partyka Mazda, we handle all of this for you behind the scenes.

You’ll Get on the Road Quicker

If you’re ready to get behind the wheel of your new vehicle as quickly as possible, trading in is for you. If you already know the vehicle you want, we’ll appraise your vehicle, get you an offer, and get you on the road in the vehicle you want with little to no hassle. This ensures the car you want doesn’t end up with another driver while you work to sell your existing vehicle.

Trading in Can Help You Offset Costs

When you trade in a credit can go towards your next vehicle or you might be able to offset some costs of buying the new car. Ask our financial experts for details on how your trade-in vehicle value is being applied toward your next purchase when you sit down to discuss financing.

If you’re ready to trade in your vehicle, call 203-288-7761 or fill out our simple online form for a quick appraisal. You can also stop by our dealership in Hamden, CT.