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Searching for the Best Used Car

If you’ve decided that you want to buy a pre-owned vehicle, Lee Partyka Mazda has you covered. We keep a great selection of quality and affordable used cars on our lot in Hamden. Here are some tips for finding the best used car:

Used Inventory

Consider Certified Pre-Owned

If you don’t want to buy new but still want the added peace of mind of warranties, a certified pre-owned Mazda may be the way to go. Every certified pre-owned vehicle has to go through a rigorous inspection and is backed by warranties. This is a great way to purchase used with all the benefits of buying new.

Trust Your Dealer

Of course, we hope you’ll choose Lee Partyka Mazda, but the truth is that there are plenty of reputable used car dealers. Be sure to choose a dealer who is transparent and wants the best for their customers. The Partyka family has been part of the Hamden area for years, and we’ve built our reputation on doing honest business. You can count on us.

Narrow Down Your Search

Buying used opens up a lot of options. Be sure to know what you want. Choose what’s most important to you, such as space or fuel efficiency, and share that with your sales representative. Sometimes, being overwhelmed with choices can impede the process of finding a perfect used car.

Set a Realistic Budget

Before you hit the lot, know what you can realistically afford. You can apply for financing on our site and use our payment calculator. Our sales team is ready to answer any of your questions about financing and ways to make monthly payments work for you!

If you’re ready to find your next used car, call 203-288-7761 or contact us online today!